About us

Hey T&T, we heard how difficult it was for you to get fairly priced contact lenses and other eye care products. Welcome to our online shop where our number one priority is your vision. Say goodbye to high markups and long wait times and HELLO to low prices and speedy deliveries.

A word from the founder

Raquel Chams


Hello! I'm Raquel, and I'm an optometrist with some BIG dreams! I studied and worked for many years in the UK and when I came home to sweet T&T, I noticed a huge gap in the eye care industry. I observed that eye care is REALLY expensive and the average person struggled to afford it. My goal is to make it incredibly easy and affordable for anyone to have great vision. With each patient I help, it allows me to fulfil a small piece of my dream!

We want to share our values with you!

Customer service

We take pride in our customer service. We know the eye care industry in T&T inside and out and are happy to help you with any question you may have! Feel free to message us anytime and someone from our team is sure to assist you. Being optometrist run makes us uniquely qualified to help with any query! Here’s a team who smiles when we make a customer's day. Our customer service team is the best in the industry! :D


We simply don’t agree with overpriced prescriptions and waiting a long time to collect your contact lenses.


Did you know that your contact lenses are made of plastic? Make sure to put them in the bin when you toss them. Never flush or wash them down the sink. The lenses are so small and flexible, they could slip right through the filters at the water treatment plants. This contributes to micro-plastic pollution. At the moment, we cannot recycle the packaging or the lenses in T&T. We are looking into doing this in the future!

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